sunset over colosseum in rome italy
Ruins at the Roman Forum in Rome Italy
Eggplant Pizza Salad and Pasta at a Restaurant in Rome
Closeup of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Restaurant in Cobbled Alley in Trastavere Rome

Rome Travel Guide

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Historic Landmarks
Churches & Monasteries
Museums & Galleries
Rome needs no introduction. The former center of Western civilization and capital of Italy, Rome is a place throbbing with history and legend. Here visitors can find countless treasures of the ancient world alongside many modern delights.
For history lovers, it’s hard to imagine a better city than Rome. There are almost too many ancient sites to count, from the Pantheon to the Colosseum, the Circus of Maxentius and the Roman Forum. Rome is home to more than 900 churches, including four basilicas, the most famous of which is St Peter’s at the Vatican. Although the Vatican is technically an independent city-state in its own right, it’s located in the middle of Rome and the perfect place to spend half a day. The home of the Roman Catholic Church, rich with cultural and religious history, the Vatican has something to offer everyone regardless of their beliefs. The Sistine Chapel transcends mere building and is more a walk-in work of art. Art is everywhere in this city. A Renaissance powerhouse, no visit to Rome is complete without viewing Raphael’s Frescoes or Michelangelo’s Moses. The Trevi Fountain, a masterwork of baroque sculpture, will capture your heart and imagination.
Rome isn’t all classical art and religious landmarks, however. It’s also home to a legendary fashion industry and an incomparable nightlife scene. Here visitors will find Italy’s renowned cuisine on every street: pizzas, pasta dishes, paninis, and gelato. Wash it down with a cup of world-class espresso or a glass of gourmet quality wine. A day in Rome is over before you know it, easily spent meandering down the city’s streets, idling in enchanting Piazzas, and weaving in and out of churches, museums, and restaurants. Rome has so much to offer that a single visit may not be enough. Many of the millions of people who come here find themselves pulled back time and time again.

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Must See Attractions in Rome
Colosseum in Rome During the Day
Historic Landmarks
Vatican City in Rome Italy
Vatican City
Churches & Monasteries
Ruins and Shrubbery at the Roman Forum in Rome
Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
Historic Landmarks
Castel Sant'Angelo Overlooking the River Tiber
Castel Sant'Angelo
Historic Landmarks
Trajans Market in the Piazza Venezia in Rome
Piazza Venezia & Trajan's Market
Historic Landmarks
Front View of the Pantheon in Rome Italy
Historic Landmarks
Trevi Fountain in Daytime in Rome
Trevi Fountain
Historic Landmarks
Historic Ruins in Circus Maximus Rome
Circus Maximus
Historic Landmarks
Optional Day Trips from Rome
Roman Historic Villas in Tivoli Rome
Historic Landmarks
Ampitheater Ruins in Ostia Antica Rome
Ostia Antica
Historic Landmarks
Abbey of Montecassino in Rome
Abbey of Montecassino
Historic Landmarks

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