waterfalls in plitvice lakes croatia
Waterfalls and Wooden Bridge in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Rowboats in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
An Aerial View of Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Fish in a Pond Next to a Walkway in Plitvice Lakes Croatia

Plitvice Lakes Travel Guide

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Natural Beauty
Hiking, Biking & Kayaking
Adventure Seeking

Plitvice Lakes is a national park in Croatia, comprised of 16 interconnected lakes. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was formerly one of Yugoslavia’s main tourist spots. Plitvice’s natural beauty is breathtaking. The park’s cobalt-colored lakes are connected by a string of waterfalls and cascades. Trails and wooden bridges snake around the lake edges, which are lush with vegetation. Free boats and buses can ferry you between the lakes, but simply strolling along the hiking trails is a more than adequate way to explore this place and soak up its majesty. It’s easy to fill a day here just appreciating the surroundings, taking it slow and enjoying the mood.

Plitvice Lakes are within easy reach of Zagreb, just a few hours by bus or car. The lakes receive well over a million tourists each year, eager to immerse themselves in this otherworldly environment and escape the outside world for a few days. In winter, snowfall opens the possibility of skiing in the Mukinje resort, while summer brings hot weather and long, sunny days. It isn’t only humans who populate the lakes. This region is home to a fantastic variety of wildlife, including dormice, martens, wild boars, hundreds of butterfly species, and an incredible array of birds. The park’s most impressive resident is the brown bear, although these tend to avoid crowds and are rarely spotted. The animals live among a diversity of plant species and trees. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this is not to be missed.

Underneath the pristine beauty of the lakes is a sad history. During the Croatian War of Independence, the park was occupied by hostile forces and became the battleground for some deathly conflicts. Reclaimed several years later, at the end of the war, Plitvice’s now peaceful mood feels like a way of healing this dark past. Plitvice Lakes is a place to experience nature at its most beautiful and simple. It’s an oasis of calm, somewhere to relax, disconnect, and enjoy this little slice of paradise.


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Must See Attractions in Plitvice Lakes
A Small Open Sided Boat on a Lake
Plitvice Lakes
Natural Beauty
Blue Lakes in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
The Upper Lakes
Natural Beauty
Blue Green Lakes in Plitvice Lakes Croatia
The Lower Lakes
Natural Beauty
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