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Shores of the Danube River in Evening in Belgrade
House Covered in Strings of Red Chillies in Belgrade
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Belgrade Travel Guide

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One of Europe’s oldest cities, Belgrade has proven itself to be resilient throughout the centuries. Its chaotic past presents itself through different styles of buildings, from the socialist blocks to the art nouveau structures, from Viennese influence to Ottoman remnants. Today, the city’s historical monuments and relics, including the Belgrade Fortress, are peppered throughout the city center and have become favorite hangout spots even for locals.

Known as one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Belgrade has become a capital of nightlife for the younger crowd. Between alternative music venues and theaters, splavs (floating river clubs), and kafanas (traditional Serbian taverns), there’s a lot to do after the sun goes down. For a more bohemian vibe, check out Skadarlija street, where you’ll be introduced to the best of traditional Serbian food and drink. Belgrade also boasts an animated pedestrian boulevard, Knez Mihailova, lined with historical buildings that now house charming coffee houses and gritty dive bars. 

Belgrade is also home to a surprising amount of nature. With Great War Island being the home of many rare bird species and Kalemegdan Part hosting some woodland species among the well-kept gardens, it’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city center. Lido Beach on Great War Island is a favorite of locals for a quick escape to relax, hang out, and play water sports - and it’s close enough to the center that you can still enjoy the nightlife scene after a day spent on the island. 

Digging deeper into Belgrade’s turbulent past, there are many museums for you to visit. With several places dedicated to the religious, cultural, and military history of Serbia, you’re sure to walk away with more knowledge and a new appreciation for this former-Yugoslavian country. Learning about Serbia’s history will give you a unique glimpse into how the city has transformed into one of the most energetic, creative, and diverse places in Europe. 

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Must See Attractions in Belgrade
Stone Fortress with a Drawbridge in Belgrade
Belgrade Fortress & Military Museum
Historic Landmarks
Statue of a Man Mounted on a Horse Pointing to the Distance
Republic Square
Historic Landmarks
Model of Lightning at the Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum
Museums & Galleries
White Church of St Sava in Belgrade
Church of St. Sava
Castles & Chateaux
Street in Skadarlija with Old-Fashioned Home
Fortress with a drawbridge and two towers in Kalemegdan Park
Kalemegdan Park
Parks & Gardens
Island with Wooden Buildings on the Jetty
Great War Island
Parks & Gardens
Optional Day Trips from Belgrade
Statue of Three Figures Standing next to a Rivera Shore
Novi Sad
Street in Sremski Karlovci with Two Churches
Sremski Karlovci
Small Towns

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