The white and red Bratislava castle on a hilltop
A Run Down Old House in Bratislava
A Cobbled Street with Old Fashioned Signs in Bratislava
A Wiew of Red Rooftops in Bratislava
Graffiti Art of a Woman in Bratislava

Bratislava Travel Guide

April - DecemberSlovakiaEUR
Castles & Chateaux

Bratislava is one of the most up-and-coming cities in central Europe. After years in the shadows of the Soviet bloc, and often drowned out by Prague, Bratislava has finally broken out. The Bratislavan region is now one of the richest per capita in the EU. This economic upswing has infused Bratislava with a newfound zeal. Ruled over by the Hungarians, Austrians, and Soviets, for the first time in nearly a millennium, Bratislava has now seized control of its own destiny and it shows. Trendy cafes and cool shopping centers are popping up across the city, and the already happening nightlife scene is only set to get better. Still less crowded than its central European neighbors Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, but just as intriguing, there's really never been a better time for a visit to Bratislava. As soon as you arrive in Bratislava, you'll notice its white and red baroque palace perched on the western edge of the Little Carpathian Hills. Said to resemble a 'table flipped over by a giant' as its four turreted towers jut out like upset table legs, parts of Bratislava Castle date from as early as the 9th century. This piece of living history is made all the more cherishable by its rarity. For although it is a very old city, much of Bratislava's medieval architecture was nearly eradicated under communism, as part of Soviet infrastructure modernization efforts. However, Bratislava has retained and restored its few old-world buildings as best it can. The result is a city of strange contrasts. In Bratislava, you'll find pastel-hued churches, formal gardens, and the cobbled Old Town Square brushing shoulders with brutalist communist institutions, retrofuturistic towers, and the clunky UFO bridge, a massive structure over the Danube. One thing you must try while in Bratislava is the traditional Slovak dish, Bryndzové Halušky, a winning combination of potato noodles smothered in sheep's milk cheese, and garnished with crispy fried bacon. This dish is as unexpected and delightful as Slovaks themselves; warm, hearty, and with a certain relish for life's pleasures. After you sample some Slovak wine, you'll be well on your way to falling in love not just with Bratislava, but the entire country. 

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Must See Attractions in Bratislava
A Cobbled Street with Stone Buildings in Bratislava
Old Town
Historic Landmarks
A Terracotta and White Castle with a Statue in Front
Bratislava Castle
Castles & Chateaux
A Television Tower with a Tall Aerial
Kamzik Television Tower
A Pale Blue and White Church with a Round Bell Tower
Church of St. Elisabeth
Churches & Monasteries
Stone Sculpture of a Child at the Baroque Gardens in Bratislava
Baroque Garden
Parks & Gardens
Optional Day Trips from Bratislava
Trnava Town Square with a Tall Tower
Small Towns
A Pink Castle on a Hillside Surrounded by Trees at Sunset
Bojnice Chateau
UNESCO World Heritage
Small Log Houses in the Countryside
Folk Architecture Reserve
Historic Landmarks
Green Grapes on the Vine
Authentic Wine Tour
Traditional Beverages
A Park with Flowerbeds in front of an Old White Building
Piešťany Spa Town
Spa & Wellness
A Cobbled Street with an Eastern Church at the Far End
Banska Stiavnica
Small Towns
A Rocky Hillside with a Castle Near a River
Devin Castle
Castles & Chateaux

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