Baroque Zwinger Palace in Dresden Germany
Bridge over the Elbe River in Dresden
Rooftops in Dresden at Sunset
A Street in Dresden
a Statue of Martin Luther in Dresden

Dresden Travel Guide

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Dresden is characterized by its spectacular, almost dizzying array of baroque architecture. Nearly every wall and rooftop in this East German city is embellished with a flourish. Dresden was developed in the 17th and 18th centuries by Saxon royalty, who wanted to best luxurious palaces such as Versailles in France. A succession of Saxon Kings heaped wealth on Dresden, creating the Zwinger Palace and stocking it high with art, porcelain, and other treasures. You can view the spoils of this regal collection at the Albertinium art museum. But perhaps the most shining jewel of Dresden is the ornate shell of the Zwinger Palace itself, with its show-stopping courtyards and exterior, festooned with scrolling decorations and statuary. As you stroll the palace walls, you may catch yourself imagining a crown on your head. 

Dresden’s architecture is made all the more miraculous, considering the city was leveled by firebombing in WWII. Some 25,000 people died, mostly women and children. The British decision to bomb Dresden, a city without strategic importance, remained controversial for years to come. After the war, the city was reconstructed, brick by painstaking brick. Even under East German-Soviet rule, which usually eschewed frivolous design, buildings like the Semper Opera House were pieced back to their former glory. Restoration of other significant buildings like Church of Our Lady slowly followed. In fact, the Frauenkirche only fully repaired in 2005. Arguably there is no other city in Europe that cherishes its hard-won architecture as much as Dresden. Although it is a compact city, so many of its buildings will stop you in your tracks that architecture fans can easily lose a whole day in the Old Town area.

Especially during the winter months, Dresden glows with a joyous, uplifting ambiance. Although the year-round marketplace in Dresden’s main square offers a variety of handicrafts, sausages, and wine, it’s really worth going out of your way to see Dresden at the festive time of year. The city is recognized as having the best-ever Christmas market in all of Europe. Between the twinkling lights, the scent of hot wine and gingerbread, and its towering Christmas tree, the city is transformed into a sparkling wonderland.   

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Must See Attractions in Dresden
Albertinum in Dresden Germany
The Albertinum
Museums & Galleries
Frauenkirche in Dresden on a Bright Day
Church of our Lady
Churches & Monasteries
Room of Paintings in Zwinger Art Gallery in Dresden Germany
Museums & Galleries
A Porcelain Mural of Kings in Dresden Germany
Procession of the Princes
Semperoper Opera House in Dresden at Night
The Semperoper Opera House
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Aerial Shot of the Christmas Markets in Dresden
Dresden Christmas Markets
Street Markets
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Yellow Moritzburg Palace in the Snow
Moritzburg Palace
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Church by a River with Red Roofed Houses in Gorlitz
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