A Red Barge on an Icy Canal in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen
Danish Soldiers Marching in Uniform and Fur Hats
A Platter of Danish Fish and Vegetables on Toast
A Stone Lion near a Brick Palace


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The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is at once cosmopolitan, cozy, and undeniably cool. Cyclists zip in and out of tree-lined avenues, past designer stores, and cafes full of Danes taking a relaxed lunch. Colorful houses and bars line the waterfront at Nyhavn, just one of many marinas in a city that feels like one giant harbor. Almost anywhere you care to look, you will find views of the sea. Descended from Vikings, seafaring is second nature to the Danes. This is evident from the fresh fish served on nearly every menu in town, to the bathers taking a dip in the clean, fresh waters of the Øresund - the ocean inlet that flows around Copenhagen like a moat encircling a fortress.

A trip to Copenhagen is full of visits to artsy museums, days out on the coast exploring castles and Viking ships, and snug evenings dining around candlelit tables. Indeed, the Danes burn more candles than any other country in Europe. Although they have a well-functioning, ecologically-friendly power grid, the Danish use candles for ‘hygge’ - an atmosphere of cozy relaxation and social comfort. This mood is palpable throughout the city, from the parks and walkways to even the metro. Copenhagen is even informally known as ‘the happiest city on earth’, full of small touches intended to increase wellbeing. 

At night, in the heart of the inner city, you’ll find Tivoli Gardens amusement park aglow with nightly displays of lights and illuminations. The quality of food and dining in Copenhagen is very high, from Michelin starred restaurants serving up New Nordic cuisine, to humble hotdog stands and bakeries. At the Design Museum, an entire room is devoted to displaying and explaining the simplicity of the chair, a matter of near-spiritual importance to the Danes. With such attention to feel-good detail, it is as though the Danes have mastered the art of living. Even in the dark Scandanavian winter, with a dose of Danish cheer and perhaps a glass or two of aquavit schnapps, Copenhagen feels bright and welcoming.

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Must See
A Belltower with Danish Flags on Top
Christiansborg Palace
National Site
The Statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid
Colorful Houses in Nyhavn Copenhagen
Historic Landmarks
The Entry Gate to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens
Amusement & Water Parks
The Domed Church at Ameliaborg Palace in Copenhagen
Amalienborg Palace
Historic Landmarks
Lines of Trees at Frederiksberg Park in Copenhagen
Nightlife & Local Scene
Statues on the National Museum in Copenhagen
The National Museum
Museums & Galleries
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A Brick Building with a Clockface in Odense
Nightlife & Local Scene
A Brick Building with a Dome in Roskilde
European History
An Art Gallery with a Window Overlooking a Lake
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
A Castle Fortress Next to the Ocean
The Bridge Between Copenhagen and Malmo Sweden

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