Plaza de España
alcazar garden with lots of greenery
rooftop view of giralda
view from inside the door of the patron
the bell tower of the san francisco church in seville

Seville Travel Guide

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UNESCO World Heritage
Seville, the enchanting capital of Andalusia, is a treasure trove of history and culture just waiting to be explored! Imagine strolling through Plaza de España, marveling at the Alcazar, and standing in awe before the Seville Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus rests. The city’s blend of Gothic and Moorish architecture, especially in the charming Santa Cruz district, is simply mesmerizing.
Flamenco, born right here in Seville, will sweep you off your feet with its fiery passion. And let's talk food – tapas bars and bustling food markets are everywhere, serving up delights like jamón ibérico and refreshing gazpacho.
Lose yourself in the narrow, winding streets leading to vibrant squares and hidden gems and don't miss the opportunity to climb the Giralda tower for panoramic views. For the best day trips from Seville, the surrounding Spanish cities of Ronda, Cadiz, Gibraltar and Italica are just a hop away. This playful and insightful Seville travel guide is packed with tips to help you soak in the spirit and heritage of this incredible city. Get ready to be inspired!
And of course no visit to Seville is complete without a visit to the Alcazar, a breathtaking palace complex that showcases the rich history and stunning architecture of the city. Originally a Moorish fort, the Alcazar evolved over centuries into a royal palace, blending Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Wander the lush gardens, stopping to relax at amidst intricate fountains and fragrant orange trees, and explore the incredibly ornate rooms, each of which tells a fascinating story of Seville's diverse cultural heritage. Highlights include the mesmerizing Hall of Ambassadors, with its gilded dome, and the tranquil Patio de las Doncellas, a perfect example of Mudejar architecture.

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Must See Attractions in Seville
Real Alcazar Gardens in Seville
UNESCO World Heritage
Seville Cathedral
Churches & Monasteries
Plaza de Espana
Santa Cruz
Jewish Heritage
Triana District
Plaza de Toros
National Site
Optional Day Trips from Seville
Small Towns
Small Towns
Small Towns

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